david lynch short film fire

David Lynch is about to gift us with another one of his hard-to-find short films. Fire (Pozar) is a short written, directed, and animated by Lynch, featuring music by Marek Zebrowski. As part of the experiment of the movie, Lynch gave the short to Zebrowski and the composer then made music without any input from the director, with Zebrowski interpreting the visuals in his own way.

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Zac Efron / Brian Michael Bendis' Fire

Zac Efron is finally going to get his shot at comic book heroism, thanks to Jesse Wigutow. Universal Pictures has just tapped the Tron 3 scribe to pen Fire, which Efron has been attached to produce and star in since 2010. It’s an adaptation of the 1993 miniseries of the same title by Brian Michael Bendis, and sounds more Bourne than Spider-Man. Hit the jump for the latest details on the project.

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I don’t remember when it was I first heard of Brian Michael Bendis but I remember how, and I remember that I was holding a copy of his comic book Fire in my hands at the time. I’d pretty much forgotten it, if I’m being honest, but I do have a faint, fuzzy fondness for what I can recall and therefore I’m pretty happy to report it’s being made into a movie, and happier still that Bendis is getting to write the adaptation himself. His leading man is set to be none other than Zac Efron, who I’ve liked just fine in everything I’ve seen him in, even when those things themselves were not entirely likeable.

Last Friday, it seems, the actor and writer went out together to a handful of studios and ended up making a deal with Universal. He tweeted about it at the time, though only now do I quite see what he was getting at:

Heading to Warner brothers with my mystery movie star pal

Leaving universal. My job here is done. Chik fil a put the nuggets in the fryer!!

In Fire, the comic, the lead character is a young jewish man recruited from school to join the CIA. Hes told that he’s the first recruit of Project Fire, an initiative to try and turn ordinary citizen into operatives. Of course, that’s not quite true and this chap ends up having to go a bit Bourne.

Fire is just one of two projects that Efron has newly slated. The other is not quite so easy to explain or, at this stage, understand.

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