Apple Attempts To Address Final Cut Pro X Concerns

It has only been about one week since Apple released Final Cut Pro X, but the response has been fast and furious: many professional editors have found it totally inadequate for their needs, and some surmise it will never become the industry standard that Final Cut 7 was, regardless of how many updates it receives.

Apple has finally issued an official response in the form of a FAQ page. But does it sufficiently address the concerns of industry professionals?
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I’ve been closely following the recent release of Final Cut Pro X, and I’m sure many of you have been as well. I have never edited any video professionally, but having recently purchased some DSLRs with solid HD video capabilities, I was excited that Apple would be releasing a new version of Final Cut Pro that not only simplified and expedited the video editing process, but also only cost $300 in the Mac App Store. However, the recent critical firestorm surrounding the release of Final Cut Pro X has given even me pause about clicking that “Buy” button.

Hit the jump for more details and to share your thoughts on Final Cut Pro X.
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