great zombie movies

If you think the zombie movie is dead, you’re not alone.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies opened with a thud this past weekend. The shambling undead have become television fixtures thanks to AMC’s The Walking Dead, which has dominated the zombie conversation for so long that the genre has stopped feeling special. Countless new movies have been rightfully accused of repeatedly treading on familiar ground, riffing on a template that George Romero built with Night of the Living Dead decades ago and refusing to try anything truly new. For many, the mere thought of a new zombie movie sounds exhausting, boring.

But like all horror subgenres, a zombie movie is only as good and as unique as its makers are ambitious and clever. I’ve rounded up a group of zombie movies, some older and some new, that don’t play by the traditional rules. These are the movies that allow me to keep my faith in zombie movies alive and well, so consider these the antidote to everything else that has been frustrating you lately.

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New Fido Movie Trailer Revealed

Fido Poster

“While Shaun of the Dead played with the conventions of the Zombie film genre, Fido plays against them.”

Fido was one of the flicks we really dugg at Sundance this year. So much so that Lionsgate even quoted us on the theatrical movie poster. Soon enough you’ll finally be able to see the film for yourself. Watch the new trailer below, followed by the official plot synopsis and six production photos.

[flv: 450 190]

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New Fido Poster Features /Film


Fido PosterWe saw Fido at the Sundance Film Festival and nothing but great things to say about it (You can read our review here). When I interviewed director Andrew Currie last month (an interview which will appear closer to the film’s theatrical release) he even quoted a line from my review. And now it looks like Lionsgate took notice too.

The new Fido poster, courtesy of CHUD, features critic quotes surrounding a zombized Billy Connelly’s head. You can click on the photo to the right for a closer look.

Fido hits theaters on June 15th 2007.