‘Jersey Shore’ Producers Casting MTV Geek Reality Show

When Clint Eastwood agreed to appear on an upcoming reality show for E!, it served as a dramatic reminder that the format isn’t just for spoiled heiresses or boozed-up guidos anymore. In fact, MTV’s now looking to feature people like you — yes, you! — on a new “experimental documentary series” about geek culture titled Fandom Rising, “from the masterminds behind The Jersey Shore.” Uh oh.

I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea of a reality show about geeks in general, but I am wary of this particular project. The Jersey Shore nod doesn’t exactly suggest a sensitive or respectful treatment of its subjects, and it’s all too easy to envision this series making geeks the butt of the same tired jokes about how awkward and lonely and pathetic geeks are. If you’re more optimistic than I am, though — or if you’re OK with the risk of being made fun of on national television — read the full press release and get application info after the jump.

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