Trolls World Tour breaks records

When NBCUniversal became the first major company to announce that some of its movies would be available online at the same time that they (would have) hit theaters, it marked an unprecedented break in long-established practices in Hollywood. As the industry paused to wait out the coronavirus, all eyes looked to April 10 and the opening of Trolls World Tour, the first significantly-budgeted studio movie to open directly on VOD instead of going to theaters as originally intended.

Now the film has opened, and it has performed incredibly well – according to Universal, the animated sequel has broken records and now stands as the biggest opening day and opening weekend release ever for a film released digitally.
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Trolls World Tour Rental

Next week sees the arrival of the big experiment from Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation when they send their theatrical release Trolls World Tour to VOD. It’s the first major studio movie intended for theatrical release that will be heading to VOD rental services first amidst the coronavirus outbreak. For those of you who just can’t wait to sing and dance along with Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick all over again, you can pre-order the Trolls World Tour rental on FandangoNOW right now and get discounts on other DreamWorks Animation movies in their library. Read More »

Fandango’s video-on-demand service is the latest digital retailer to join MoviesAnywhere, a digital service that allows users to centralize their movies in one app.

The FandangoNOW MoviesAnywhere partnership marks the fifth digital retailer to throw in with the digital movie-collection service owned by Disney.

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