When we reported Friday that Sam Raimi would return for Spider-Man 4 and possibly 5, there was speculation that his new Evil Dead film would once again be brushed aside. Not so. Well, sort of. According to Screen Daily, Raimi has given the okay for a 3D theatrical movie based on Evil Dead: The Musical, to be co-directed by the musical’s original director, Christopher Bond, and choreographer, Hinton Battle. Bond would like to begin filming next spring with members of the original cast, though the filmmakers will need to address “serious rights issues.”

In the past, Slashfilm readers who have attended the off-Broadway production, which began in 2004 in Toronto, seem to dig it. The 3D aspect will presumably serve in for the play’s notorious “splatter zone,” in which the first three rows are drenched in a substance that currently eludes me. Of course, the general fanboy response to this announcement will be, “Bummer, I wanted Bruce back as Ash for a fourth go…and Spider-Man 3 was emo garbage.” I agree. The play is said to utilize storylines, flourishes and characters from all three Evil Dead films while taking creative license. Raimi has not updated on Evil Dead 4 since teasing in July that he’d be working on a script with his brother Ivan Raimi.

Discuss: Could be fun, no? And sure: would you rather see a 3D musical or a 3D sequel?


If you haven’t checked out the promo vid for Evil Dead: The Musical do so here. Lots of red syrup and possessed hand action makes for a seemingly faithful, campy adaptation of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s classic goofball horror. The Toronto production has released three poster spoofs of the Broadway staples Hairspray, Mamma Mia! and Les Miserables. Let us know if you’ve seen the play (did you sit in the splatter section?) in the comments!

Update: /Film reader, The Addict, points out an online petition to bring the production back to the States. Canadian /Film reader, Jonny, also points out that those “Canada: America’s Hat” Busted Tees ads on our site are offensive.




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