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Mary Elizabeth Winstead has enjoyed quite the eclectic career in film, ranging from indie roles in the likes of Smashed and Swiss Army Man to more mainstream flicks like Live Free or Die Hard, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Scott Pilgrim vs the World. More recently she’s been comfortable on television with a role in FX’s series adaptation of Fargo, but this fall, she returns to theaters as a stand-up comedian.

All About Nina follows Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a blunt, struggling stand-up comic who covers all the usual rough and tumble about life and relationships. And we get to see all the highs and lows of this life from a troublesome and abusive boyfriend (Chace Crawford) to a new love interest (Common) that she seems likely to screw up somehow. Read More »

all about nina review

Movies about comedians are usually a gamble. Often they’re too self-indulgent, or mawkish, or overly mean-spirited. Rarely do they balance the high drama of comedians’ inherent insecurities and the, you know, comedy. But the few that do succeed because they strike a personal chord — one that mirrors the self-deprecating performance and painfully real revelations of a good stand-up set.

All About Nina is as personal as you can get. Written and directed by Eva VivesAll About Nina is a searing, semi-autobiographical portrait of a troubled young woman trying to make her big break in the comedy scene. Played with an intoxicating swagger by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Nina is an abrasive stand-up comedian who never shies away from provoking people on and off-stage, but hides a dark past of her own.

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The last time we talked about Ice Cube he wanted to go back to his roots by making Chrome and Paint, an R-rated story set in the custom car culture of South Central LA. He still wants to direct the film as well as star in it — this would be his first dramatic directorial project in more than a decade — and now he’s got a studio ready to finance and distribute it. But because that studio is Disney, and so a few things are likely to change. Read More »