Helix Films to Build Erector Set 3D Movie Franchise

Erector Set

It seems like every week one of the Hollywood studios announces a new board game or toy movie adaptation that pushes the limits on believability. Some nights while I’m writing up news, I wonder if I’m actually a minor character in one of those Hollywood satires that paints Hollywood executives as bumbling idiots, trying to suck onto any idea that might have audience recognition and franchise potential. I would like to believe that the studio execs are much smarter than these type of films make them out to be. In fact, I know that, for the most part, they are much smarter than that. But every night a new new story hits my screen. Another news story that seems dumber than the one from the previous week, previous month. Stretch Armstrong, Candyland, Monopoly, Battleship, Asteroids, Viewmaster, and now a movie based on Erector Sets?

The Meccano Toy Company has announced a deal with independent production company Helix Films to make a 3D feature film based on their Erector Set brand of children’s construction toys. You can read the official press release, after the jump.

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