Rhyme Syndicate - Star Wars VII

Disney shutting down Lucasarts is certainly the biggest Star Wars news of the day, but there’s plenty more where that came from. After the jump read about the following:

  • J.J. Abrams talks about the comparisons between his 2009 Star Trek and Star Wars.
  • Read Eli Roth‘s scathing review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, written in 1999.
  • Lego recalls a potentially offensive Star Wars set.
  • Oscar-winning Star Wars Art director¬†Roger Christian doesn’t plan to return for Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Peter Jackson dropped in a little Star Wars April Fools joke into his recent video.
  • So too did Star Trek alum George Takai.

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Briefly: A minor update here on the schedule to release post-converted 3D versions of the Star Wars films, starting with Episode I: The Phantom Menace. THR is reporting that February 2012 is the basic timeframe. Previously we’d only heard ‘early 2012,’ with the other five remasters to follow on roughly an annual schedule, assuming each previous release does well.

There has been quite a lot written in the past 24 hours about the 3D conversions now that they’re looking like an actuality rather than a distant possibility. Lucasfilm has had very little to say, however. Lucasfilm spokeswoman Lynne Hale told USA Today only that “the [3D conversion] process is really extensive, and we want to make sure each of the films gets the attention it needs, so we’re not ready to talk about the release patterns of the other films.”

Lucasfilm and Fox, which will handle the releases, didn’t announce the February date, with THR saying that sources report the current plan is for a date around Valentine’s Day. (Options likely being Friday Feb. 10, Wednesday Feb. 15 or Friday Feb. 17, which kicks off a three-day weekend.)