luca first look

Some of Pixar’s greatest masterpieces come from simple existential questions: What if toys could talk? What if feelings had feelings? What if pre-born souls could walk this Earth? The animation studio’s next film asks a more niche question: What if The Little Mermaid was given a coming-of-age twist? Luca, the vibrant Italian Rivera-set film helmed by La Luna director Enrico Casarosa, answers that latter question with a film that more or less looks like a family-friendly take on Call Me By Your Name, right down to that Timothée Chalamet-inspired coif that one character wears in the new first-look image. See the Luca first look below.

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Pixar's Luca

Even though Pixar Animation is still sitting on the release of their next film Soul, the animation studio has already announced their next project, and it will arrive next summer.

Pixar’s Luca is a coming-of-age story said to follow as young boy as he and a new friend experience an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. This sounds like Pixar’s version of Call Me By Your Name, though probably with a lot less peach eroticism. Read More »

Q&A: How Does A Pixar Short Film Get Made?

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how Pixar develops and produces their feature animated films, but we’ve learned very little about how the beloved short films get created. So I decided it was time we find out. I shot a message over to Enrico Casarosa, the director of Pixar’s next short film La Luna, who was happy to shed some light on the process.  “How Does A Pixar Short Film Get Made?” Find out, after the jump.
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Most audiences won’t be seeing Enrico Casarosa‘s lovely Pixar short La Luna until it opens with Brave next summer, but lucky New Yorkers will get the chance to check it out early this Sunday. The short will be playing at the Japan Society this weekend as part of the Films for Hope festival, and will be followed by a discussion with the director himself.

La Luna‘s been getting fantastic buzz, even by Pixar standards. Our own Peter Sciretta has described it as a “new classic” with the feel of “a timeless fairytale.” And if all that weren’t enough to convince you, half of all proceeds from the event will go to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund. That’s right — you’ll get bragging rights and karma points. More details after the jump.

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On day two of the 38th annual Telluride Film Festival and I caught the amazing new Pixar film LA Luna, Wim Wenders 3D documentary Pina about the famous modern dance choreographer, and the first surprise premiere screening of the festival, Jim Field Smith‘s dark dramedy Butter, a top Black List screenplay about a midwest butter carving championship which stars Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone, Rob Corddry and Hugh Jackman.
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We’ve showed you an image, logo and poster for the new Pixar short La Luna, which premiered at the Annecy festival this week. Now here’s a clip from the Enrico Casarosa-directed short about a young boy who, one night, is introduced to the family business. Check it out below. Read More »

First Look: Pixar’s New Short ‘La Luna’

One of Pixar’s upcoming short efforts is a film called La Luna, about a young boy coming of age in peculiar circumstances. The short is soon to premiere at the Annecy International Animation Festival, which runs June 6-11 in France. Enrico Casarosa directs and is Head of Story; he’s been with Pixar since 2002, starting on Cars, with credits following on Ratatouille and Up. That link points to his own site with sketches and other work, some of which is really great. I see a mixture of Tom Hart and Miyazaki in his book The Venice Chronicles, for example.

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