Eli Roth Offers Slight Update on Endangered Species


When he joined Quentin Tarantino and the cast of Inglourious Basterds at Cannes in May, Eli Roth announced the title of his next feature: Endangered Species. We’ve since learned that the film was jointly inspired by Cloverfield and Transformers, and that, very much in the vein of those two films, it’ll be a big city-destruction film. We don’t know anything about the antagonist(s), but aliens have been strongly hinted, with humans being the endangered species. He has said it will be “science fiction-based and with lots of chaos and mass destruction.”

Now he’s dropped a few small quotes about the film, which is gearing up to shoot in 2010. Read More »

Eli Roth Not Involved With Hostel III


Eli Roth has been doing some phone interviews over the last couple days to promote Inglorious Basterds, and Shock Till You Drop got a lot of info out of the director about various upcoming projects. Most notably, he says that he’s learned that he really only wants to direct original stories that he writes. And while the idea of doing sequels hasn’t been ruled out, Roth has nothing to do with Hostel III, of which he says “If I started something and other people want to continue it, go for it. I’m just not involved in any way.” So what is Roth doing? Read More »


Empire Magazine spoke to Eli Roth at Cannes, and have now (almost a week after everybody got home from the festival) seen fit to reveal what the conversation uncovered. As discussed before, Roth is planning to shoot a feature length expansion of his Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving, and to do it fast, quick and cheap. He’s restating that the film will be shot in just eighteen days, and compares the approach to how he shot his film-within-the-film for Inglourious Basterds. That full quote after the break, as well as a little on his imminent sci-fi epic, now revealed to be called Endangered Species.

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