As we all patiently wait for July and The Dark Knight Rises, odds are many of us will dust off that Blu-ray of The Dark Knight and give it a spin. Or seven. Christopher Nolan‘s second Batman film is so dense, there are new things to discover on each and every viewing. One example could be the intricacies of the score by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Where did they get all that wonderful noise? One /Film reader thinks he found out.

After the jump, watch a video that believes to have found a hidden inspiration for Zimmer and Newton Howard’s score to The Dark Knight. Read More »


Over the past week a section of the internet has blown up thanks to a YouTube clip (embedded below) that shows the relationship between some of Hans Zimmer‘s score for Inception and the Édith Piaf song “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien,” which was one of his inspirations and ended up used in the film, essentially becoming part of the score and helping shape it.

The relationship between the song and the score isn’t new or secret, as Zimmer mentioned it in interviews before the film’s release. But the clip does a great job of showing how Zimmer’s inspiration became part of the film, and now the composer is talking about how his manipulation of Piaf’s song came about, and what it means. Read More »