finding dory new characters

It’s no secret Pixar loves slipping Easter eggs into its movies, and sometimes the animation studio gets so eager they even sneak in references to movies that haven’t even opened yet. Case in point: while Hank the octopus, voiced by Ed O’Neill, is billed as one of the “new” characters of Finding Dory, he’s really been hiding in plain sight for years. As a new video reveals, Hank’s actually been part of the Pixar family going all the way back to Toy Story in 1995. Really!

… Except no, not really. As you’ve probably figured out by now, this “epic” Finding Dory Easter egg is really just an April Fool’s prank. Still, the video does contain some (genuine) new footage featuring Hank and Dory, not to mention a little clip of O’Neill and director Andrew Stanton being just plain adorable. So if that sounds like the kind of thing you’d be interested in, swim with us below the jump.  Read More »

Finding Dory D23

Andrew Stanton‘s Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory was heavily teased on the D23 Expo show floor, and at Friday’s big animation presentation Stanton revealed some of the thinking behind the film, and offered some new footage to the crowd. Basically, his core questions were about Dory and her family. Could she find her way home if she was lost again? Who makes up her family?

In addition to talking up some of those ideas, the presentation revealed a new character: an octopus, voiced by Ed O’Neill. See an image of that newcomer and learn more below.

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Married With Children reunion

With the return of classic television series like Full House and The X-Files in new limited-run series, David Faustino recently announced plans for a Married With Children spinoff to center on his character, Bud Bundy. Today, Faustino’s TV mom Katey Sagal was on a Television Critics Association panel for her new FX show The Bastard Executioner. After the panel she spoke to reporters and confirmed not only her commitment to Faustino’s show, but said both two other original co-stars are set to return, too. Read More »

There’s a little bit of everything in today’s batch, including a new trailer, new pics, some casting info, and some industry drama. After the jump:

  • Laurence Fishburne is in talks for Bryan Fuller‘s Hannibal
  • Check out the not-so-monstrous Mockingbird Lane cast
  • NBC’s new offerings for the fall season will debut early online
  • Flip through promo pics from Dexter‘s seventh season
  • Watch Claire Danes go crazy in a new trailer for Homeland
  • HBO picks up a pilot by UK Office co-creator Stephen Merchant
  • Modern Family‘s contract negotiations delay production

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