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In this edition, a video essay explores how Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi uniquely combines tragedy and comedy to beautiful, intimate stories. Plus, take a dive into the visual effects of the Back to the Future trilogy and check out a new Stranger Things theme song that makes far too many references to the 1980s. Read More »

/Film Quoted on Eagle vs. Shark DVD

eagle vs shark quote

/Film reader Daniel C passes along word that /Film is quoted on the Australian release of Taika Waititi’s Eagle vs. Shark, which was one of my favorite films of 2007. Unfortunately Miramax Films didn’t know how to market the film, and the movie went virtually unseen by mainstream audiences. It was also passed by indie audiences because it came at the end of the tidal wave of way-too-quirky indie films, that were released in the years following Napoleon Dynamite. And yes, I was probably laying it on a little thick by declaring it the “best indie romantic comedy of all time”, but to be honest, few true indie romantic comedies exist, and this is my favorite.

Eagle vs. Shark DVD Cover

Eagle Vs. SharkOn Monday June 4th we got the chance to sit down with Eagle vs. Shark writer/director Taika Waititi. We LOVED his film when we saw it at Sundance, and had a full list of questions about Waititi’s hilarious movie.


Running Time:
30 Minutes

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Eagle vs. Shark Production Photos and Movie Poster

Eagle vs. Shark

A couple days ago, we brought you the movie trailer. Today we have a few new stills and the official plot synopsis for Miramax’s Eagle vs. Shark. I can’t say enough how much I dug this film. It’s Little Miss Sunshine meets Napoleon Dynamite.
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Eagle vs. Shark Movie Trailer Revealed

Eagle vs. Shark

Eagle vs. Shark was one of our top 3 favorite movies at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. We called the film “the best indie romantic comedy of all time.” We gushed over the movie so much that Miramax is using our quote on the official website. We called Well now you are finally going to see what we were talking about. The movie trailer is online below.

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The U.S. Comedy Arts Festival and HBO announced their 2007 Film Program line-up which includes Sundance 2007 favorites Eagle vs. Shark, Rocket Science and Waitress in addition to 27 other features. Check out the full list and press release after the jump.

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Eagle vs. Shark quotes /Film

Eagle vs. Shark website

One of our favorite films at Sundance 2007 was Eagle vs. Shark (a film I tell people is Little Miss Sunshine meets Napoleon Dynamite). Well it looks like Eagle vs. Shark loves us back.

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Sundance: Eagle vs. Shark Movie Review

Eagle vs. Shark

From Academy Award nominated director Taika Waititi (for his short film Two Cars, One Night) comes the best indie romantic comedy of all time.
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