Three directors recently booked brand new films: one underworked, one overworked and another making his debut. After the jump read about

  • Joe Dante will be directing the horror-thriller Air Disturbance.
  • Shawn Levy takes over This Is Where I Leave You, a family comedy originally set for Adam Shankman
  • Writer Max Landis will make his directorial debut with Me Him Her, a “sexual identity comedy.”

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The Stepfather Remake Movie Trailer


Another day, and another trailer is leaked. Yesterday, we had a surprise appearance from Whiteout and today we have Nelson McCormick‘s remake of The Stepfather. Last time we got to be ground zero, while today’s unofficial premiere seems to have been at Bloody Disgusting. You can see the full trailer after the break.

The plot premise is essentially the same in both films. A sociopath wants more than anything to have the perfect family but each time his new wife and stepchild don’t meet his (impossible to meet) requirements, he slaughters them and moves on, finds a new family and starts again. The murderin’ stepdaddy in the original was played, and played brilliantly I should stress, by Terry O’Quinn, who is more lately best known as John Locke on Lost. His counterpart in the redo is Dylan Walsh who, frankly, has taken on an utterly thankless task.

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