New G.I. Joe movie

If you woke up today and thought, “I could go for some news about movies based on toys and games,” rejoice: Paramount Pictures just announced a slew of dates for several toy-and-game-based movie adaptations, including a new G.I. Joe movie, Dungeons and DragonsMicronauts, and an untitled Hasbro film. Happy Hasbro Movie Date Announcement Day, everyone!

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HarmonQuest Trailer

If you’ve watched Community or Rick and Morty, or you listen to Harmontown, then you know that television creator, writer and producer Dan Harmon is a huge nerd. He loves sci-fi and fantasy and one of his many geeky vices is role-playing games. However, if you’re not a good friend of his, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy his role playing adventures.

HarmonQuest is a new series coming to the online comedy streaming service Seeso that lets you watch Dan Harmon play Pathfinder with some of his comedian friends, including the likes of Paul F. Tompkins, Chelsea Peretti, Aubrey Plaza, Ron Funches and more. However, just so you’re not watching some comedians in a room playing Dungeons & Dragons, the show also animated the quests as they happen.

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‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Picks Up Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort in Divergent

Ansel Elgort is joining Warner Bros.’ Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He’s looking to star in the studio’s long-simmering adaptation of the classic roleplaying game, which recently picked up director Rob LettermanDavid Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2) wrote the script.  Read More »

dungeons and dragons director

The beauty of a Dungeons & Dragons movie is that it can be anything. The beloved role playing game series, first published in 1974 and now in its fifth edition, is a framework for telling stories. A wily Dungeon Master can take their players on unforgettable, hilarious, thrilling, and even emotionally crushing journeys. If you haven’t fought back a tear or leapt out of your seat to cheer while playing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, you aren’t really playing Dungeons & Dragons.

I say this because a talented filmmaker given access to the Dungeons & Dragons world is really being given access to a gigantic fantasy playground where anything and everything is possible. A movie based on this material can literally be anything that you want it to be, as long as there are, you know, dungeons and dragons. I can’t say for sure what Rob Letterman‘s ultimate fantasy adventure looks like, but since Warner Bros. has hired him to direct the Dungeons & Dragons movie, I hope it’s something truly spectacular.

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dungeons and dragons movie

The beauty of Dungeons & Dragons is that it’s a big sandbox where anything and everything is possible. However, the great curse of Dungeons & Dragons is that it’s a big sandbox where anything and everything is possible. As a game system, D&D is simply a bunch of rules and an ever-growing library of books that offer more options, letting players build their own adventures and tell their own stories around their table. Whether these adventures are rich and fulfilling or a total waste of time falls entirely on the gamers – it all comes down to how well you use that sandbox.

That’s why a new film version of this beloved role playing game (now in its fifth edition) is equally intriguing and terrifying. After all, a film version can be anything! But it can also be anything. Now, one of the film’s producers has given us an idea of what to expect. Are you ready for a fantasy riff on Guardians of the Galaxy?

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new Dungeons and Dragons movie

The last time a Dungeons and Dragons movie hit the screen, in 2000, it was a fantasy disaster, like a D&D play session where every dice roll comes up totally wrong. But Warner Bros. started to develop a new D&D movie a couple years ago. While that effort was temporarily delayed by a lawsuit, now the new Dungeons and Dragons movie is back on.

There’s already a script in hand thanks to that pre-lawsuit development effort, from David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2), and so the film could be able to move relatively quickly. We don’t know much about the story, but it is reportedly set in the Forgotten Realms section of the D&D universe. Read More »

Dungeons Dragons

After the success of the Lord of the Rings films, The Hobbit and now Game of Thrones, Warner Bros. is looking to kick off another major fantasy franchise. They’ve just purchased the rights to Dungeons & Dragons, the incredibly famous tabletop role playing game in which players create characters and go on adventures through mystical worlds.

Screenwriter David Leslie Johnson is writing the film based on his own script, Chainmail, which was itself based on a fantasy game that predated D&D. Now that Warner Bros. owns the rights to the more popular brand though, Leslie Johnson is retrofitting his script to fit that game. One of this film’s producers, Courtney Soloman, actually directed a D&D film released by New Line 13 years ago. (There have also been two direct-to-DVD sequels.) That 2000 release was a financial and critical disaster, but WB is going to try again.  Read More »