Somehow, I’m not surprised that Lucasfilms is the first major Hollywood production company (that we’ve heard of) to look into consumer-level DSLR digital cameras that can shoot HD video. For better or worse, George Lucas has always been a pioneer in digital filmmaking. Learning how to use these small DSLRs (at least, compared to large professional-grade HD cameras) could help them immensely with future projects.

We know that Lucasfilm is interested in these cameras because they invited filmmaker and DSLR blogger Philip Bloom over to the Skywalker Ranch to demonstrate what, exactly, they’re capable of. Bloom wrote up his experience on his blog, and also compiled a mesmerizing bit of HD footage filmed around the ranch. They also revealed to Bloom that they’re interested in using the cameras for cockpit footage in their upcoming Tuskagee airmen feature, Red Tails — and possibly even in the upcoming live-action Star Wars TV series.

His full quote on how they’re using these cameras, as well as his Skywalker Ranch footage in glorious 1080p, after the break.

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