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After exploring the dark and complex existentialism of a ‘90s anime last time, this week we’re jumping right back to the present for maybe the most anticipated anime of the summer season, which somehow still managed to be its biggest surprise. I’m talking about Dr. Stone

Yes, Dr. Stone is the highly anticipated adaptation of one of the most popular manga today, so chances of the anime being good were high. But with such high anticipations, the show still had to prove itself, and boy did it prove any naysayers wrong! It is easy to see why the manga is so popular and why its fans were so hyped before the anime premiered.

Dr. Stone takes place thousands of years after a world-wide catastrophe turned every single human into stone. Strangely, high-schooler Senku Ishigami wakes up to find that all the technology and science he so dearly loved as a kid is gone. Not only that, but there’s another human who woke up from petrification, and he’s vowed to wake up an army of young brutes and govern the stone world.

The show then deals with Senku’s attempts to restore civilization by reinventing humanity’s lost technology and find a cure for petrification in what he calls his “Kingdom of Science”. It’s a bit of a mix between The Flintstones and Bill Nye the Science Guy, seen through the lens of a superhero video game. And it is both hilarious and oddly educational.

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