Varsity Blues meets Mr. Destiny in the new film Touchback, which features TV star Brian Presley as a high school football star who lost his chance at glory, only to grow up and magically travel back in time with a chance to do it all again. Kurt Russell stars as his coach, Melanie Lynskey is his girlfriend, Christine Lahti is his mom and you can watch the trailer for the April 13 film after the jump. Read More »

OK, Jeremy Renner. We get it. You’re not afraid to pile on the projects, for one, and also, you might really like to be the new Steve McQueen. But who am I to fault ambition? The actor, who has a full plate this year with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, The Avengers and The Bourne Legacy, developed his own company not long ago to produce films in which he could also star. Best to strike while the money and opportunity are there, right?

The first film announced from The Combine, as the company is called, was a biopic of actor Steve McQueen. Now there is a new one: Slingshot, about rally race driver Bill Caswell, who went up against cars costing hundreds of thousands of dollars with a ’91 BMW he bought for five hundred bucks. Read More »