Speaking to Fangoria Radio, Ron Perlman has given an update on the status of Bubba Nosferatu, the vampiretastic follow-on from Don Coscarelli‘s Elvis vs. the Mummy gem, Bubba Ho-Tep. Apparently he will have a window into which the shoot may be squeezed, coming right up he wraps the current season of Sons of Anarchy in September. Having spoken to Coscarelli and co-star Paul Giamatti, Perlman seemed confident that they could all work it out in time and get cameras rolling.

Fangoria also let slip the casting of Angus Scrimm as “a Boris Karloff-like horror star who Elvis meets up with in Las Vegas on the set of a vampire movie.” This would be Claude Killgore, who we meet during the flashbacks to the 70s that make up half of the film and, knowing Coscarelli, I already pictured Scrimm in the role when I was reading the screenplay. It’s not a huge role, but it is a fun one and he will get to face off against Perlman as Elvis as ‘Clay Burton’ in the film-within-the-film.

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Bruce Campbell says NO to Bubba Ho-Tep Sequel

Bubba Ho-TepA follow-up to our story from last week where Paul Giamatti mentioned that Bruce Campbell might not return for a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel. We didn’t believe it. The idea of Giamatti playing Colonel Parker, who would have to team with Campbell’s Elive to fight Vampires, seemed too good for even Bruce to pass up. Well, apparently not. Fangoria caught up with the cult b-movie star, and this is what he said:

“[BUBBA NOSFERATU] is dead to me,” Campbell said flatly. “It sleeps with the fishes. Don Coscarelli is a very passionate filmmaker. We got to a few points [developing the screenplay] that we couldn’t reconcile. I want to keep our friendship, so we parted ways. So I’m not part of that project.”

Director Don Coscarelli says that he is considering recasting the film with another actor whom the fans would embrace. I wonder who that could be? Any ideas/suggestions?