Dolby 3D

Even under the best of circumstances, watching films in 3D is kind of a pain. Those clunky glasses never quite sit right on anyone, and they’re hideous to boot. That goes double if you have to wear them over your normal glasses. And then on top of all that, the picture may still look off if you’re not sitting in the right part of the room.

Fortunately, the tech companies have heard your complaints and are working to remedy the situation. Dolby Laboratories, Royal Philips, and James Cameron‘s Cameron-Pace Group have announced a pact to support glasses-free 3D technology for the home. According to Dolby, the first such devices could hit stores “in the next year or two.” Hit the jump to keep reading.

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The Real 3D Battle Will Be Fought On Your Face


For more than a year the 3D movie industry has been ramping up, but there was a broad perception that James Cameron’s Avatar could be the make or break movie for the tech. A massive flop might have set 3D adoption back slightly while success could be a shot in the arm for the theatre-only display technology. With Avatar now drawing record box office receipts, 3D is definitely getting a new jolt of energy, and four companies are in position to duke it out for the spoils of a three-dimensional war. Read More »