DirecTV finally announced the official details of their much discussed premium on demand service called Home Premiere. Launching April 21 with Sony’s Just Go With It, the service will give DirecTV subscribers with HD-DVR’s the ability to watch a movie two months after it opens in theaters for the cost of $29.99. Rentals last for 48 hours. However, DirecTV will only offer one premium movie at a time. So it’ll start with Just Go With It, then extend to other films like The Adjustment Bureau, Cedar Rapids and Hall Pass. So far Sony, Universal, Warner Brothers and Fox are all on board with the program.

Home Premiere has been a real thorn in the side of the National Association of Theater Owners who believe it could deliver a huge blow to their business. And while they won’t be boycotting blockbuster movies in protest, they’ll probably stop running trailers or hanging posters for films that will eventually appear on the service. No sense in promoting things people can see at home.

That’s only a small part of it though. What’s really at stake here is the theatrical experience as a whole. Is DirecTV’s new program the natural evolution of cinema or the beginning of the end? Read more after the break. Read More »