The array of home video options generally strikes me as a good thing, but one annoying downside is the effort of sorting through all my movie collections in various formats. I can’t watch my DVDs when I travel unless I bring them with me; I can’t access my downloaded movies unless I’m at my computer; I own more than one copy of In Bruges because I simply forgot that I’d already downloaded it the first time.

In an effort to address just these kinds of minor but irritating issues, the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) came up with the idea of a “digital locker” that would allow consumers to purchase content in one physical or digital format and access it across all platforms via a cloud-based system. That service, called UltraViolet, launched earlier this week with the release of Horrible Bosses on UltraViolet-enabled Blu-ray and DVD. More after the jump.

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