The Directors Guild of America announced its award winners for achievement in 2010 last night, and the big winner was Tom Hooper, director of The King’s Speech. That, in conjunction with the film’s victory at the Producers Guild awards, puts the movie as the odds-on favorite to win the Best Picture Oscar, and makes Mr. Hooper a likely win for Best Director as well. Read More »

The last big indicator of how the Oscar nominations are likely to shake out is the nomination set for the Director’s Guild of America’s award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement. The DGA and Best Director Oscar awards often line up directly (there have been only six deviations since the DGA awards began in 1948) and before the Best Picture Oscar set was widened to ten films, the DGA nominations were a very good indicator of how that race would go, as well.

Now the 2010 nominations are out, and for the most part they conform to the well-established 2010 awards consensus. See the list below. Read More »


The last big bellwether for Oscar nominations is the nomination set for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film from the Directors Guild of America. The DGA nominations are the best indicator of what films and directors will be on the shortlist for the Best Director Oscar. Before the Best Picture Oscar field was widened to ten, the DGA noms were also a reasonable indicator of what films would be in contention for Best Picture, too.

The DGA announced the five nominated directors today, and the list generally conforms to expectations created by other recent awards and nominations. Read More »