Descender TV Series

A few years back, Sony Pictures was developing a feature film adaptation of the Image Comics series Descender. The sci-fi story by bestselling author Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) and artist Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Streets of Gotham) follows TIM-21, a companion robot who is thrust into a hostile cosmos where androids are outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. Enough time has passed since then that a sequel comic series called Ascender has been published too, and now both of the comics are in the process of being adapted for television. Read More »

descender screenwriter

Over the past few years, I’ve watched my weekly comic book purchases change in some very telling ways. As my subscriptions to Marvel and DC books declined, I found myself reading more creator-owened series and the current king of that landscape is Image Comics. Which means I’ve been reading a ton of stuff with Image’s name on it and I’ve discovered countless engrossing and unique comic series that simply couldn’t exist under the “big two.”

One of those comics is Descender, a wonderful new-ish science fiction series from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dustin Nguyen. Sony picked up the film rights one year ago and now they’ve finally tasked a writer with transforming the comic into a screenplay.

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Suicide Squad tease

Is Superman getting a new costume in the comic books? Was Ewan McGregor up for Doctor Strange? How long is Ezra Miller willing to play The Flash? Who might be auditioning to play Marvel’s Iron Fist? What’s the latest comic book that Sony Pictures picked up? Want to see a new iZombie promo? Who is the villain in Supergirl? Which film is about to link with Agent Carter? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »