Derek Cianfrance and Bradley Cooper on The Place Beyond the Pines set

Between his debut feature Brother Tied and his sophomore effort Blue Valentine, filmmaker Derek Cianfrance spent twelve years in what he describes as “the cinematic desert.” But he himself readily acknowledges that bounced back a better director, and the excellent Blue Valentine and the upcoming The Place Beyond the Pines seem to bear him out.

The new crime epic follows two families over two generations and fifteen years. Ryan Gosling plays a new father desperate to make some money, Bradley Cooper an eager rookie cop who tries to stop him, and Dane DeHaan and Emory Cohen their respective sons, who feel the consequences of their fathers’ actions. The film earned strong reviews at TIFF last year, and and is just now beginning its theatrical rollout.

At a recent press day in New York City, I got to sit down for a few minutes with the director. Despite his proclivity toward emotionally devastating movies, Cianfrance was quite friendly in person, even offering me a Pines-printed cupcake on my way out. But before that, we chatted about that first feature, fatherhood, the “irresponsibility” of violent films, the difference between movies and TV, and much more.

Be warned that there are some spoilers for the movie up ahead. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, just skip over the questions about The Place Beyond the Pines.

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The Place Beyond the Pines is not the movie you think it is. That’s a good thing. Derek Cianfrance has created an epic generational drama that uses police and crime movie tropes as background to tell a bigger story about the consequences of action.

Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Dane DeHaan star in roles that each challenge our perceptions of the character types, and Cianfrance’s script (co-written with Ben Coccio and Darius Marder) unfolds at a methodical pace. This allows the viewer to live in several very different worlds that possibly should never have connected. It’s a strong new effort from the filmmaker who became famous for his 2010 effort Blue Valentine. Read More »

With spring creeping up on us, a whole bunch of images have just been revealed for two very different high-profile releases. Bryan Singer‘s Jack the Giant Slayer is a CG-heavy fantasy epic based on the classic fairy tale, while Derek Cianfrance‘s The Place Beyond the Pines takes an atypical approach to the crime thriller genre.

In addition, we have a new still for Gore Verbinski‘s The Lone Ranger, which isn’t due out until summer but should be revealing a bit of new footage during this weekend’s Super Bowl. Check out all the pictures after the jump.

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Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance and star Ryan Gosling reunited for The Place Beyond the Pines, and the first trailer for the film is below. Here Gosling plays a hasher motorcycle daredevil who turns to crime to support the son he finds he has after the boy’s birth.

But a couple of cops (Bradley Cooper and Ray Liotta) track Gosling down after his crime, only to get involved in something far more complicated than a simple cops and robbers situation. Pines appears to be similar to Drive in the way it uses the basic language of a genre picture to approach a drama from an atypical angle. It’s not going to be a movie for everybody — if you want a straight crime thriller, this almost certainly isn’t it — but the trailer suggests that those who want a movie that plays around with the mixture of drama and genre will have a lot to enjoy. Read More »

It wasn’t so long ago that Bradley Cooper was mostly thought of as the guy from Wedding Crashers and The Hangover, but these days his dance card is filled with projects by David O. Russell, Susanne Bier, Cameron Crowe, and the like. One he’s got coming up next year is The Place Beyond the Pines, from Blue Valentine helmer Derek Cianfrance, and now the pair are already gearing up to reunite on a new project called Chef.

Well — new to them. In fact, Chef has been simmering (sorry! had to) since about 2008, when David Fincher was attached to direct with Keanu Reeves set to star. More details after the jump.

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We’ve tracked The Place Beyond the Pines for a couple years now. As the new film from Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance it comes with a lot of interest pre-loaded, and the fact that Ryan Gosling plays a motorcycle stunt driver turned bank robber doesn’t hurt. Bradley Cooper is the cop who opposes him, and their conflict spills down into another generation, as their sons are drawn in as well.

The film turned into one of the hottest tickets at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, and while reviews have been enthusiastic with a few naysayers mixed in, Focus jumped on the film with a 2013 release set. Now we’ve got two video looks at the film. One is a slate of interviews that also has footage cut in, and the other is a straight-up clip from the film, featuring Bradley Cooper’s character as he recovers from what seems to be an arrest gone bad. See both below.

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Derek Cianfrance and Ryan Gosling followed up their 2010 film Blue Valentine by shooting The Place Beyond the Pines, a film in which Gosling plays a motorcycle stunt rider and criminal (a familiar role for him) who tangles with a cop (Bradley Cooper) in the beginning of a conflict that involves their sons, as well. The movie also features Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, Ben Mendelsohn, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and Ray Liotta, and is said to be inspired by Jack London.

But the sonic palette of the film might be slightly more modern, as the score is being written by Mike Patton, best known for his work with Faith No More, Mr. Bungle and Fantomas. That’s not a choice I ever would have expected, but it might be pretty awesome. Read More »

Soon after making his dark relationship indie Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance co-wrote a movie called The Place Beyond the Pines, which he says was inspired by Jack London and features two generations of conflicting fathers and sons, as well as motorcycles and guns.

His Blue Valentine star Ryan Gosling signed on to be a motorcycle rider who turns to crime — yeah, shades of Drive there — and is pursued by a rookie cop (Bradley Cooper). Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, Ben Mendelsohn, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and Ray Liotta also joined the cast. After the break are the first full-size official stills of Gosling and Cooper as they appear in the movie. Read More »

Blue Valentine director and star Derek Cianfrance and Ryan Gosling are back together for the multi-generational crime/grudge saga The Place Beyond the Pines. The film follows Gosling as a stunt cyclist who robs banks in order to provide for his son, and ands up entangled with cop-turned-politician Bradley Cooper. Their antagonism spills down the family tree, eventually involving their sons.

The large cast was said to include Greta Gerwig, but now we’ve learned that she had never fully signed on, and won’t be able to take part in the film due to other obligations. Stepping into the role earmarked for her will be Rose Byrne, of Damages and Bridesmaids. Read More »

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It seems like Derek Cianfrance‘s The Place Beyond the Pines gets more intriguing with each new casting announcement, and the latest addition is no exception. Ray Liotta has just signed on for Cianfrance’s “Deer Hunter meets The Godfather” crime drama, joining Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Greta Gerwig and Ben Mendelsohn. Liotta will be playing a corrupt police officer.

The Place Beyond the Pines centers around a pro motorcycle rider-turned-bank robber (Gosling) and a cop (Cooper) who cross paths, setting off a multi-generational feud. Mendes will be Gosling’s love interest, while Gerwig is considering the role of Cooper’s wife. Mendelsohn is in negotiations to play a mechanic who brings Gosling’s charcter into the world of bank robbery. Shooting for the film is set to begin late next month in Schenectady, NY. [Variety]

After the jump, Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth picks a new project, while Rumer Willis and Dominic Purcell get spooked.

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