Yesterday Sony invited a handfull of press to the studio lot to present an advance screening of the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man (watch it now online here). Director Marc Webb wanted us to see the trailer on the big screen, and experience the 3D aspects of the trailer. After the trailer screening, Webb took some questions from our group. He was only supposed to answer a few questions, but ended up sticking around for 20 minutes worth before he got dragged back to post production.

Webb talks about the negative response to the teaser trailer’s POV footage, how he brought The Lizard to life using different technologies, keeping the characters and relationships grounded, how Peter will discover his powers, his approach to the humor in the film, casting Dennis Leary as an authority figure, some of the more impressive 3D effects, uncle Ben’s death, the pressure to deliver an iconic Spider-Man kiss, the film’s running time, how much of the global Spider-Man universe we see in this story, his involvement in the script for the Sequel, and advances in technology like 3D and 48 frames per second.Read the entire transcript after the jump.

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