Kind of lost in all the hubbub over James Cameron‘s recent, record-breaking deep sea descent was the fact he’s going to make a 3D film about it. We already knew the film, tentatively titled Deepsea Challenge, would be produced by National Geographic but in a recent interview, Cameron said it could be ready later this year and that after premiering on television, it would get a┬átheatrical┬árelease too. Read more details on the contents after the jump. Read More »

Earlier today you may have seen news that James Cameron plans to take a state of the art single-user submersible to Challenger Deep, known as the lowest point of the Mariana Trench north of Papua New Guinea. That spot was reached once by a manned craft, for about 20 minutes in 1960. If so, you likely won’t be surprised to learn that Cameron will be taking cameras along, and that the entire venture will be co-sponsored by National Geographic for a 3D documentary called Deepsea Challenge. Read More »