dolls trailer

It’s a big year for sentient dolls. Not only do we have the Child’s Play remake to look forward to this month, there’s also Toy Story 4 and Annabelle Comes Home. And next month, we’ll be blessed with Brahms: The Boy II. But The Boy II isn’t the only doll movie arriving in July. There’s also Dolls, a low-budget affair featuring E.T.‘s Dee Wallace, and, yes, evil dolls. Watch the Dolls trailer below. Dolls! Read More »

critters attack! trailer

Are we in the midst of a Critterssance? Horror streaming service Shudder recently debuted a comedic TV series (Critters: A New Binge) based on the cheesy ’80s B-movies. And now, there’s a new Critters sequel. It’s called Critters Attack!, and it brings back original Critters actress Dee Wallace, perhaps most famous for her role in another, better alien film – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. In the new Critters sequel, those tiny aliens are at it again, eating everyone in sight. Watch the Critters Attack! trailer below.

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death house trailer

Are you ready to journey to the Area 51 of evil? I sure as hell hope so, because here comes Death House! Featuring a cast that will be very familiar to horror aficionados and written by Gunnar Hansen, the man who played Leatherface, Death House is set in a secret prison full of murderous inmates. Watch the Death House trailer below, if you dare!

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