Meg movie

It’s been lurking in the waters of Hollywood for almost a decade, the monster movie Meg may be resurfacing once again.

Meg is a killer shark story based on a 1997 book written by Steve Allen that has been at multiple studios over the past decade, with many of different names on board. The project had been thought dormant for a good long while, but now a script by Dean Georgaris reportedly has Warner Bros. excited by the monster movie. In fact, the studio is currently in talks with Eli Roth to helm what it hopes could be a new franchise. Read more about the Meg movie below. Read More »

Briefly: How does one write a “plausible” Stretch Armstong movie? Recall, if you will, that for a few years Universal and Relativity were working to make a film based on the old Mattel toy (rights for which eventually went to Hasbro) that was basically a big guy who, uh, stretched. Think of Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic, only as a beefy wrestler type, rather than a scientist.

Prior attempts to make a film, one featuring Taylor Lautner, went nowhere, and now Relativity and Hasbro have hired Dean Georgaris (The Manchurian Candidate remake, Paycheck) to script what Variety reports will be a “plausible, action oriented family pic” rather than the cartoonish live-action version that was planned for Lautner. The film has a release date of April 11, 2014, but evidently little else. Good luck, guys!

Paramount, meanwhile, has hired David Stem and David Weiss (The Smurfs) to write The Ringling Brothers. We’ve known that a film has been in development about the seven brothers who were founders of the circus they dubbed ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,’ and THR says that this script has been ordered as “a family adventure in the spirit of Night at the Museum and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The only other detail is that the story will be set in the present, which is interesting.