David Twohy Issues a Minor ‘Riddick’ Update

Every six months or so it seems that we get a very small update on the possibility of a third Riddick film from either star Vin Diesel or writer/director David Twohy. In late 2010 we heard that Riddick, the proposed follow-up to Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, has still been in development. And just last week Vin Diesel said that it looked like there was a real chance to make the movie this summer, though he’d have to take a pay cut to do it. (And be willing to go into “that dark place…called Riddick,” which was rather funny.)

Now David Twohy is chiming in, essentially supporting what Vin Diesel said last week, and offering a small extra morsel of encouragement. Read More »

For years, Vin Diesel and David Twohy have sworn up and down that they were going to make a sequel to the Pitch Black spin-off The Chronicles of Riddick. As far back as this site has existed, and beyond, the pair have said they’d like to continue the story of the sci-fi badass and wanted criminal Riddick, but when the 2004 film failed to explode at the box office, grossing barely $60 million domestic, those plans stalled. But the pair have kept thinking about the idea, developing it, and now with Diesel a hot commodity once again (based off the huge success of Fast Five) it seems the Riddick sequel is once again a possibility.

Diesel took to his Facebook page and said that he and Twohy could be ready to shoot a hard-R rated version of the film as early as this summer…if he was willing to work for scale, which basically means minimum wage for actors. Will Diesel do it? And what exactly did he say? Read it after the break. Read More »

Vin Diesel has been promising a third Riddick movie for some time. The film would be a new link in the chain that began with Pitch Black and continued with The Chronicles of Riddick, with a short animated film linking them. (And which spawned one surprisingly good game, Escape From Butcher Bay, and a not shabby game sequel, Assault on Dark Athena.)

We don’t know much about the new film, which remains in the conceptual stages, but a new statement by the actor teases a bit of development on the Riddick front. Read More »


“Man, you guys didn’t go see my Bigfoot movie.”

There’s this pair of shorts, the coolest shorts on Earth in my estimation, that I found on South Beach for $5. I think they’re from the ’70s. Every time I open a drawer to get some socks, I see the shorts and know that my day is going to be a-okay. Oddly, that’s sort of how I feel when I see actor Steve Zahn in a movie, any movie. Zahn has just been cast in The Perfect Getaway, a tourist thriller, from director David Twohy (The Chronicles of Riddick, The Arrival).

The film sort of recalls Forgetting Sarah Marshall stirred up with nasty serial killers, one of which will be played by Timothy Olyphant (Hitman, Deadwood). Zahn will play one half of a newlywed couple honeymooning in Hawaii that comes upon two hikers with murder on their minds. Don’t get blood on the lei, guys, and can we get a cooler title that does not remind one of that Kim Basinger-Alec Baldwin flop remake?

Zahn was last on screen in the maligned Sasquatch-meets-Justin Long comedy Strange Wilderness, and has two festival-trekking flicks, Sunshine Cleaning (7.5) and The Great Buck Howard (7), ready for viewing.

Discuss: Was Steve Zahn’s performance in Rescue Dawn his best yet? Any fans out there of David Twohy’s The Arrival?