We’ve got some quick hits on the sci-fi action-adventure sequel front today, including:

  • Bruce Boxleitner’s prediction on when TRON 3 will get going
  • Vin Diesel’s snapshots from the Riddick set
  • Sony’s just announced release date for the Robocop remake

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Full Cast and Plot Revealed for ‘Riddick’

It’s been a long eight years for fans of David Twohy and Vin Diesel‘s Riddick saga, but after numerous stops and starts, the third installment is coming together at last. Universal Studios has issued a press release announcing the start of principal photography in Montreal on the new sci-fi thriller, a follow-up to 2000’s Pitch Black and 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick — and in the process, offered up some new crumbs of information about the film’s plotline and casting. Read more after the jump.

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First Look: Vin Diesel in New ‘Riddick’ Sequel

Whether or not you’re a fan of Vin Diesel and David Twohy‘s films featuring the character Riddick (Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick), I think you have to admire the fact that, after years of being determined to make a third film featuring Diesel’s character, the duo is finally getting the movie made. Their fuel seems to be nothing short of pure willpower.

It hasn’t been easy — the project has been dismissed from the beginning, and thanks to its indie status has had some money trouble that caused the production to be put on hold late last year as it geared up to shoot. But the production is up and running once more, and Diesel has offered up the first look at his third turn as Riddick. Read More »

It took years for Vin Diesel and David Twohy to finally get their third Riddick movie off the ground, and even once production began, the project ran into further troubles and was forced to go on a two-month hiatus while it paid off its debts. But production is back in full swing at the Montreal set now, and things are looking up, at least on the casting front.

According to new reports, Colombiana actor Jordi Mollà has entered negotiations to play the head villain, while Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff, who was offered a part back in the fall, is now in final talks to board the untitled picture. More details after the jump.

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Nothing is coming easy to Vin Diesel and David Twohy when it comes to making another Riddick movie. After years of development and teases, the star and writer/director finally began production on the sequel to Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick a few months ago but had to stop in the middle of shooting because they ran out of money. A new report says that problem has been solved, however. More money has been raised and filming will resume after Christmas. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Louis Leterrier‘s magician heist movie Now You See Me keeps getting better. The movie features a story about a group of illusionists who rob banks during their performances, and then give at least some of the proceeds out to the audience, even as the FBI is hot on their tail.

The cast already includes Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Melanie Laurent, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco, and now Michael Caine has signed on to play Arthur Tressler, the sponsor of the illusionists. The film will be released on January 18, 2013, and unless we see a trailer that looks simply horrible, Now You See Me will be high on our list of anticipated popcorn movies until that date arrives. [Moviehole]

After the break, Olivia Wilde and Steve Buscemi join the cast of another magician film, Burt Wonderstone, while Vin Diesel and David Twohy continue to try and perfect the magic trick of getting a third Riddick film made. Read More »

Real Steel 2, Resident Evil: Retribution, and Riddick are in completely different stages of development at this point, but they all have one thing in common: Everyone wants to return for them. (Well, that and the fact that they all start with the letter R.) After the jump, read about the following:

  • Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman are confirmed for Real Steel 2 — a week and a half before Real Steel 1 has even hit theaters.
  • Michelle Rodriguez becomes the latest former Resident Evil star to board the upcoming fifth installment.
  • Karl Urban agrees to reprise his role for the long-gestating Riddick.

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The update schedule for Riddick, the third film to feature the character Vin Diesel originated in Pitch Black and developed further in The Chronicles of Riddick, has been accelerating. What was once an annual thing from Diesel and writer/director David Twohy has turned into a monthly info blast as pre-production accelerates and a real shoot date looms. What is that shoot date? We still don’t know, but in his latest update Vin Diesel insists the R-rated film will be backed by Universal, and will shoot partially in Canada. Read his update in full below. Read More »

Vin Diesel‘s prediction was apparently only a few months off. Earlier this year, the Fast Five star said he and writer/director David Twohy could start shooting a new Riddick movie as early as this summer. Summer is almost over and while shooting hasn’t begun, it seems that casting has.

According to Moviehole, casting has now begun on the film simply called Riddick, which will be a direct sequel to Pitch Black with only minor references to The Chronicles of Riddick. In the film Riddick’s character “seems to have gotten a welcome, kick-ass overhaul….he’s more brutal, bad-ass and virile than he was in the previous films.” Read a bit more about the characters that are being cast and the possible plot after the jump. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The teasing little updates on David Twohy and Vin Diesel‘s third movie featuring the sci-fi antihero Riddick are certainly coming along with greater frequency. Does that mean the movie is any closer to getting made? Not so far as we know, but for those interested it is certainly the best piece of concept art to date.

For the past couple years the duo have talked about making Riddick, which would continue the story begun in Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. Not long ago Vin Diesel said they might shoot the film this summer, and David Twohy has exhorted fans to continue their vocal support for the project, in the hopes that Universal would say yes. We don’t have word of a green light yet, but Vin Diesel has posted a new piece of concept art, which you can see in full below. Read More »