The sequel to Sylvester Stallone‘s surprise hit, The Expendables, has yet to lock down a director, but at least its got a release date. Lionsgate just announced that The Expendables 2, written by David Agosto and Ken Kaufman, will explode into theaters on August 17, 2012. It’ll go head to head with another huge action sequel that comes out the week before: G.I. Joe 2, directed by Jon Chu. Read more after the break. Read More »

Even before The Expendables opened last year, we heard that a sequel was likely to happen. And a sequel still seems very much on the boards, but new info paints it as a very different project than we previously expected.

Millennium Films is moving forward with the second film, but the script is by David Agosto and Ken Kaufman, rather than Sylvester Stallone. Sly also directed the first film, but the company is now looking for someone else to direct the follow-up. Read More »

Peter Segal’s Wardogs

Peter Segal, director of Tommy Boy, 50 First Dates, The Longest Yard and Get Smart, has signed on to helm a action comedy pitch titled Wardogs for MGM. The project was the subject of a bidding war, and MGM ended up spending $1 million for the rights.

Not much is known about the plot of the Ken Kaufman (Curious George, Space Cowboys, Muppets from Space) and David Agosto penned action comedy, except that the ensemble cast will be event-level, like Ocean’s Eleven. $1 million is a fairly big sale for a couple of non name-level screenwriters (ie Shyamalan, Eszterhas, Black, etc), and Segal is a good score. What we do know is that a “war dog” is a dog trained for war. What that has to do with this film, if anything, I have no idea.

source: THR
photo source: WAA