Tosh.0 Canceled

It hasn’t even been a full day since Drunk History was canceled, and Comedy Central is already cutting another one of their long-running, beloved comedy shows.

Tosh.0, the viral video-mocking series hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, will be coming to an end after the show’s upcoming 12th season. The show was originally intended to return this past March, but it was put on hiatus after the coronavirus pandemic shut down all film and TV production. Things must really be dire at Comedy Central’s parent company ViacomCBS. Read More »

By now, everyone knows thatĀ Terra Nova‘s premiere has been pushed back multiple times thanks in a large part to its effects. You’ll have to wait til the pilot airsĀ September 26 on Fox to decide if the delays were ultimately worth it, but you can get a peek at the show’s overall look right now. A new video explores the show’s massive and really quite beautiful set. You can’t accuse the crew of lacking for ambition, and considering that snowballing production costs were one of the problems that plagued the series early on, it’s nice to know the money actually went somewhere.

I caught the first half of the two-hour premiere at Comic-Con, and while there’s room for improvement on the story side, I wrote that “[i]f nothing else, the show looks absolutely gorgeous.” After checking out this clip, I think you’ll agree. Watch the video after the jump.

Also after the jump, read about new projects from Daniel Tosh, Sean Hayes and Locke & Key writer Josh Friedman.

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