Remember The Night Chronicles? That’s the planned three-film series funded by Media Rights Capital and produced by M. Night Shyamalan that would chronicle the intersection of the supernatural and the modern world.

The first film in the loose series, Devil (yeah, the elevator movie) was released in fall 2010, and in June 2013 Shyamalan had announced 12 Strangers, the second planned film, but going on three years later it has yet to shoot. Now we know that the film, retitled Reincarnate, will roll in 2013. Read More »

Daniel Stamm Hired to Direct Remake of ‘Martyrs’

For those who’ve seen the original French horror film Martyrs, directed by Pascal Laugier, the notion of an American remake probably seemed a bit absurd. The divisive, very hardcore film doesn’t seem like the sort of film that a studio would slap a logo on, even if you were talking about the studio that turned out a film like Hostel. (In this case, we’re not — this remake is from some of the Twilight producers.)

I can’t imagine this news will make the film seem like a more promising project: Daniel Stamm, the director of The Last Exorcism, has been hired to direct. It’s not the fact of his hire that worries me, so much as how he describes the film. Read More »

Briefly: M Night Shyamalan and Media Rights Capital are moving full speed ahead with the ‘Night Chronicles’ series, audience laughter at trailers for Devil be damned. (And, honestly, I half expect the people that see Devil to come away liking it. But we’ll find out soon enough.) A while back, Buried screenwriter Chris Sparling was hired to write the second Night Chronicles film, Twelve Strangers.

The name of the film has now been changed; it will go out under the title Reincarnate, according to Deadline. The same report also confirms the hire of The Last Exorcism director Daniel Stamm to helm the picture. No other info is available, including casting. The film won’t shoot until next year, so the cast info will be a couple months off.

Other than the title, it doesn’t sound like much has changed. The logline remains “While deciding the fate of an accused murderer, a jury is haunted by supernatural forces that hold the key to the case.” Meanwhile, the Night Chronicles film I’m more curious to hear about is the third, which will supposedly be based on some major story point and/or character originally devised for Unbreakable 2.

Movie Trailer: The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism

Lionsgate has released the first movie trailer for the Eli Roth-produced horror film The Last Exorcism. I haven’t read much about the project until now, so I was surprised to find out that the film appears to use the documentary style framing device employed by films like The Blair Witch Project. Watch the trailer now, embedded after the jump.

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