A day after the biggest movie news in recent memory, reactions and speculation about the future of Star Wars are still in hyperdrive.

A new Star Wars trilogy kicks off in 2015 and details about the movies, specifically the opener Episode VII, are in high demand. For most fans, thoughts immediately turned to the Expanded Star Wars Universe: books and comic books set after Return of the Jedi. These feature the original trilogy’s popular characters: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. It seems almost too easy to grab one of the books, such as the well-regarded Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn, and adapt a screenplay from it.

That’s not likely to happen. We all know George Lucas had a much bigger story in mind during the early years of Star Wars. It’ll likely be those stories the new films are based on. A source tells E! News that the new trilogy will not be based on previously released material, saying “it’s an original story.” Additionally, a Lucas biographer, who has been privy to the director’s private notes, calls chapters seven through nine “the most exciting” stories of Lucas’ old outlines. Read their quotes and more after the jump. Read More »