You can hear six minutes of the yet-to-be-released Daft Punk soundtrack for Tron Legacy now online thanks to the Walt Disney Studios Awards campaign website. Some of the music has yet to be heard in the trailers or leaked tracks. The soundtrack will be released on December 7th 2010 (pre-order now on Amazon for under $12). But you can still listen to the six minutes now, embedded after the jump.
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It’s Tron Tuesday again, and one of the new promo items now available is pretty great: a new trailer for Tron Legacy that shows off the Daft Punk cameo in the film along with a beat-heavy new track called ‘Derezzed.’ Watch it after the break. Read More »

Daft Punk ‘Tron: Legacy’ Poster Fully Revealed


Walt Disney Pictures has released a new poster for Tron Legacy featuring French electronic duo Daft Punk. You might remember that the poster was teased a couple weeks back, and last week we finally got our first look at the guys in their Legacy-styled outfits from the film (see above). Tonight the Daft Punk poster was derezzed and uploaded to the Tron LEgacy soundtrack website. You can see it now embedded after the jump via an animated gif.

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At the risk of becoming an extension of the PR division at Disney, here’s your first official look at French electronic duo Daft Punk as they appear in Tron Legacy. Looks, well, more or less like Daft Punk as they always appear. But that’s the point, right? They were into Tron when no one else was; this is the payoff. In addition to this image, which complements the tease of the band’s glow in the dark poster we saw the other day, ninety seconds of another Tron Legacy soundtrack tune has been released. Hear that after the break. Read More »

One of the big promises of Tron Legacy has been the soundtrack by French electronic duo Daft Punk. The band’s music and image (the two men perform in robot suits/helmets, for starters) has always had a noticable Tron influence, so using them for the soundtrack seemed like a slam dunk. Plus there was always the idea of a cameo appearance in the film.

Well, the music is coming soon, along with the film, and the cameo was filmed. And now Daft Punk gets its own Tron Legacy poster, which will even glow in the dark. Check out a tease of the poster image, after the break. Read More »


I’m still more interested in the music for Tron Legacy than any other single aspect of the film. Written and performed by French electronic duo Daft Punk, the score will now release on November 22, almost a month before the film’s debut on December 17. The bits we’ve heard from the score sound perfect for the film, or at least for what I expect the film to be. The score’s official site has preorder info now, along with the tease of an upcoming poster and some other potential easter eggs.

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Tron Legacy Soundtrack Website Launches


Briefly: There’s not a lot to report here yet, but the website for Daft Punk‘s soundtrack to Tron Legacy has launched. (EDIT: I was sent some info suggesting that this may be yet another fake Daft Punk / Tron product, but Disney PR says it is real.)

The primary benefit of this event is not the mailing list for which you can sign up, which will presumably deliver info about the soundtrack. No, it’s the one track that loops as the background music for the site. We’ve heard snippets of it in the trailers, but if you’re as hungry for the new Daft Punk material as I am, this could be the best thing to score your workday. I’ve been looping the track for over an hour now, and it’s a great subliminal addition to the afternoon. There’s no place on the site to beg for a vinyl release, so I’ll just do that here: please, Disney, let’s have this one on wax. [Pitchfork]

VOTD: Close Encounters of the Daft Punk Kind

Frank Ireland decided to take the mother ship scene from Steven Spielberg‘s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and remix it using music by Daft Punk. Watch the video embedded after the jump.
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Disney’s Tron: Legacy had a HUGE presence at Comic-Con, including a gigantic booth on the show floor. I was only really able to visit it briefly during preview night, and while I didn’t see anything Daft Punk related on display, others claim to have spotted Daft Punk action figures on display. The figures give us a look at what the electronic music duo look like in the movie.

For those of you who don’t know, Daft Punk appear in the movie playing music in the End of Line club. I was on set for a scene in that location, but Daft Punk were not filming scenes during my visit, so I can’t verify these images as legit — but they do look real. Small side-note, we did bump into Daft Punk on set, but completely out of costume (something I’ve been told is very rare).

Also, sometime during the weekend some tracks which claim to be part of Daft Punk’s score from the film appeared on YouTube. While we can not confirm or deny that these are legit, they do sound like the music we’ve heard in the trailers. Listen to the music and check out the action figures, after the jump.

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Daft Punk

Stitch informs us that Amazon is now accepting preorders for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which is being scored by electronic music pioneers Daft Punk. The album now has a release date: November 23rd 2010, about a month before the film hits theaters on December 17th 2010. No further information is available at this time.

As San Diego Comic-Con International nears, speculation begins around what we might see at the event. Many people would probably agree that Tron holds the biggest most shocking moment in Comic-Con history, when Disney surprised an audience in Hall H two years ago with a fully rendered CG test/teaser for the film. Last year they arguably had the best marketing at the Con with a real-life Flynn’s Arcade and life-size Lightcycle. Disney has already announced that this year Tron: Legacy will invade Comic-Con in full force, even to go as far as renaming the convention Comic-TRON in press releases. What can we expect from Tron at this year’s Con? Nobody knows… But I can tell you one thing…

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