To go from directing major tentpole films and discovering real new talent to having your movie unceremoniously dumped in dollar theatres isn’t a fate I would wish on many filmmakers. Joel Schumacher might be an exception. For some reason I watched about ten minutes of Batman and Robin the other night, which served to remind me of just how truly terrible a superhero film can be. (Or any film, for that matter.) With that stench still in my nostrils, I should cackle at Schumacher’s current fate. But I can’t do it, at least not before catching his new movie Blood Creek to see if it is just as bad. Read More »


Joel Schumacher‘s Creek – which I thought was still called Town Creek, until Quiet Earth told me otherwise – is completed and ready to roll out, though I’m yet to see that any trailer or other marketing materials have been issued. Curiously, however, a series of dailies for the film have turned up online and been discovered by the aforementioned QE team.

The most striking element is Darko Suvak‘s cinematography, which continues Schumacher’s recent trend of collaborating with exiting directors of photography from John Mathieson to Matthew Libatique. While the shots are edited together in some sense, this could in no way be seen as a polished assembly. It certainly makes the film look a whole lot more appealing than I’d ever have imagined – see for yourself after the break.

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