Stranger Things Matt and Ross Duffer

It’s been over a month since Netflix dropped Stranger Things on an unsuspecting public, and we still can’t stop talking about our new obsession. After the jump:

  • Watch Millie Bobby Brown get her Eleven haircut.
  • Cast members take on the 22 Pushup Challenge.
  • How did Stranger Things get its distinct sound?
  • And where can you hear more of SURVIVE‘s incredible music?
  • Check out some amazing / hilarious Stranger Things cosplay.
  • A couple of essays praise the girls and women of Stranger Things.
  • Don’t call the Duffers an “overnight sensation.”
  • A fan theory digs into how Eleven and Demogorgon might be connected.
  • Show your Stranger Things love with a couple of cool t-shirts.

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The Sound of Black Swan

Our friends at the SoundWorks Collection have released an eight minute behind the scenes documentary of the sound of Darren Aronofsky‘s Black Swan. The featurette focuses on Aronofsky’s collaboration with sound designer Craig Henighan to create sounds that would evoke emotion and assist the storytelling. We even get a peek (or listen?) at a few metaphorical easter eggs that Aronofsky/Henighan employed in the film. Watch the video now embedded after the jump.
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