A semi-forgotten bit of weirdness from 1981 is the Fernando Baldi western Comin At Ya!, which was the first, and probably only, 3D spaghetti western. And now, after a successful run at Fantastic Fest, the newly restored film, with 3D re-done for a RealD 3D presentation, is coming to theaters courtey of Drafthouse Films. Read More »

Fantastic Fest is one of the most chaotic, disturbing, entertaining and best film festivals in the United States. For one week straight, the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, Texas plays nothing but the most promising, controversial and exciting genre films the world has to offer with many of them not seeing wide release until several months later. /Film will once again be on the ground in Austin from September 22-29  and we just got the announcement of the first wave of films playing at the festival. Chances are that, with the exception of two restored Fulci films (Zombi and House by the Cemetery) and the 10th Anniversary release of Versus, you haven’t heard of these movies yet. But, come September, you most certainly will start hearing a lot more.

Check them out after the jump. Read More »