Cold Warrior

Ten years ago this month, we wrote about how Shane Black, the wunderkind writer of films like Lethal Weapon and The Long Kiss Goodnight, was preparing to direct an action thriller called Cold Warrior. This was just after he directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but before the box office success Iron Man 3, so although he was a legendary screenwriter, he seemingly didn’t have enough juice back then to push Cold Warrior to the starting block.

But a decade later, with his new take on The Predator about to hit theaters, Black seems poised to finally get his long-gestating movie made at Netflix. Read More »

Mel Gibson Joins Shane Black’s Cold Warrior


Something tells me that Edge of Darkness is going to do quite well at the box office, and remind us that Mel Gibson is still a viable leading man. We haven’t seem him in a lead role since Signs (and I wasn’t a huge fan of his roles leading up to that), and Darkness looks like it may reawaken the Mad Max we’ve missed for so long. Now we’ve learned that Gibson may be teaming back up with Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black for his post-Kiss Kiss Bang Bang directorial effort, Cold Warrior. Gibson is in negotiations for the lead role — a Cold War spy who emerges from retirement, and teams up with a younger agent to tackle a terrorist threat from Russia. There’s no word yet on who will play the younger agent, but you can already guess the short list that’s being considered.

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Shane Black is a Cold Warrior

It looks like Shane Black might not be directing Lethal Weapon 5 anytime soon. Variety reports that Black is signed to direct a Cold War-era spy film titled Cold Warrior for Universal. According to Wikipedia, Cold Warrior is a phrase used to describe the men and women involved in the shaping and executing of American and Soviet policy during the Cold War.

Chuck Mondry‘s script tells the story of a spy who returns for retirement, and must team with a younger new school agent to confront a domestic terror threat from Russia. It’s not clear if Black will do a rewrite, although I certainly hope so. Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is one of my favorite films of the past few years, partly due to Black’s incredible script and partly due to Robert Downey Jr’s performance. While I’m excited to see Black behind the camera, I am skeptical of him helming a film which he didn’t personally write. Mondry sold an action thriller Tick-Tock to Columbia Pictures for $1 million in 2000.