Martin Scorsese Coca-Cola Energy Super Bowl Commercial

In case you haven’t heard, Coca-Cola has launched a new energy soft drink called Coca-Cola Energy, and they’re making a big push for it with a new Super Bowl commercial starring Martin Scorsese. Because when you think energy, you think Martin Scorsese. But don’t worry, because the director’s Wolf of Wall Street supporting star Jonah Hill shows up (though he almost doesn’t) to make this even more weird. Watch the Martin Scorsese Coca-Cola Energy Super Bowl commercial below. Read More »

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Coke Bottles Banned on Flights

If you’re planning a trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and you’re excited about bringing home some of those cool souvenirs from a galaxy far, far away, you might want to make special arrangements. Especially if you plan on keeping the thermal detonator soda bottles created for the Batuu experience by Coca-Cola.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has confirmed that the unique Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite containers that have been made to resemble the fictional grenades known as thermal detonators from the Star Wars universe are not allowed on flights, either in carry-on or checked luggage. Read More »

new coke

Does nostalgia also apply retroactively to things most people hated? PerhapsĀ Stranger Things can pull it off with its upcoming tie-in with New Coke, the infamously despised new recipe of the classic soda that debuted in the summer of 1985, the setting for season 3 of the Netflix sci-fi drama. That’s right, New Coke is back, courtesy of a partnership between Coca-Cola and Netflix, which is hoping to build anticipation for its third season of its flagship sci-fi series with the release of a limited number of New Coke cans. But judging by the history of the drink, they probably won’t be flying off the shelves.

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Marvel Coca-Cola

Not only was Super Bowl 50 rocked by a new tease of Captain America: Civil War, but Marvel Studios and Coca-Cola teamed up for a big advertisement during the big game as well. Even though you’ve probably already seen the ad that played during the Super Bowl, it’s online for you to watch over and over again. Sure it’s just an advertisement for corporate sugar water, but it features Hulk chasing Ant-Man for an ice cold can of Coca-Cola. Read More »