Here’s Why ‘Clerks 3’ Isn’t Happening

clerks 3

Kevin Smith is set to begin working on a new Jay and Silent Bob film, but don’t expect to see Clerks 3 anytime soon. During a recent podcast, Smith revealed the reason why Clerks 3 is dead.

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Kevin Smith

We told you last week that writer/director Kevin Smith has announced plans to conduct a 24 hour online Q&A on Twitter for an uninterrupted 24 hours on Labor Day to promote his latest book, “Shootin’ the Sh*t With Kevin Smith” and an upcoming 15-city tour. The tweet-a-thon is almost over, and I thought I’d bring you a collection of the most interesting movie related q&a’s.
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Cool Stuff: One Ring To Rule Them All T-Shirt

One Ring To Rule Them All T-Shirt

Busted Tees has beaten Kevin Smith to the punch, and has produced a t-shirt based on the fast food version of the infamous Lord of the Rings line which was featured in Clerks 2. Reminds me of the “Ringers” marketing that Burger King includes on their french fry packaging (seen below).

Burger King's Ringers

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