It was all the way back in 2008, when MGM hadn’t yet tripped up on billions of dollars of debt, that the company announced it wanted to remake Valley Girl as an ’80s-themed musical. The original movie featured Nicolas Cage as a punk from Hollywood who falls for Valley Girl Deborah Foreman. It’s a fluffy ‘wrong side of the tracks’ romance, but with a zany and energetic early performance from Cage.

MGM’s bankruptcy and restructuring hasn’t dimmed the company’s enthusiasm for remaking Valley Girl. In fact, MGM seems to like the idea of remakes more than ever, and so it is going right ahead with the new Valley Girl.

MGM has now partnered up with Paramount to finance the film, which will be directed by Clay Weiner. Who’s that? He’s a commercial director who also made the new classic (that’s a joke) movie Fred: The Movie. Read More »