Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies, the brand new incarnation of the original Siskel & Ebert, premieres on January 21. Originally, the two critics who were going to butt heads on the balcony were Christy Lemire of the Associated Press and Elvis Mitchell, formerly of the New York Times. Mitchell bowed out, though, and Ebert and his wife Chaz, producers of the show, have been searching for a replacement. They’ve found him in the person of Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, a 24-year-old movie blogger. Read more about the world’s newest, famous film critic after the jump. Read More »

Roger Ebert recently tweeted that the new incarnation of the movie review show he helped pioneer, now called Roger Ebert Presents At The Movies is set to premiere on January 21 in 194 markets in the United States and on the Armed Forces Network worldwide. Click here to find out which markets are locked up.

When the show was announced in September, famous film critics Elvis Mitchell, formerly of the New York Times and The Associated Press‘s Christy Lemire were all set to host. However, the Chicago Sun-Times is now reporting that Mitchell has been dropped and they’re considering replacing him with “a young male in his mid-20s with little or no experience as a movie critic or as a TV talent.” Oh no. Read more after the jump. Read More »


Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel defined the televised movie review, so in the wake of the demise of the last version of At the Movies, it is wonderful and appropriate that Ebert is bringing At the Movies back to television. Even better, Roger Ebert Presents: At the Movies will go back to the show’s original home: public television. Hopefully that will ease off some of the pressure that caused the cancellation of the most recent incarnation, which featured AO Scott and Michael Phillips.

Roger Ebert Presents: At the Movies launches in January 2011. All the details are after the break. Read More »