A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Simon Pegg‘s come up against some pretty strange things in his onscreen career — zombies, aliens, Tom Cruise — but his characters have typically been able to take those situations in stride. That’s not the case in Crisipian Mills‘ A Fantastic Fear of Everything, a surreal comedy about a murder mystery writer who, as the title suggests, lives in a constant state of terror.

His phobias run the gamut from serial killers to laundromats, and he seems to have a weird thing going with a stop-motion hedgehog. (I’d say it makes more sense once you’ve seen the trailer, but it doesn’t.) The movie opened in the U.K. over the summer, and now U.S. distributor Cinedigm has finally set a release date. Get the details and watch the trailer after the jump.

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Here’s a nice little treat before the Easter weekend begins: last year, Simon Pegg starred in a film called A Fantastic Fear of Everything, about a guy who once wrote childrens books but has turned to crime novels. But his crime research has taken a serious toll on his psyche and emotional well-bring, and he eventually has his own run-in with a killer.

Pegg has just revealed the trailer for the film, and it looks, manic, unusual and quite funny. It has a quirky visual aesthetic, complete with nightmarish sequences and what might be puppetry or stop-motion animation. Pegg is styled in full-on Jack Torrance mode, too. (Pegg’s character is even named Jack.) I think this one is going to leap to the top of some of your “must-see” lists. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

The latest project to star Simon Pegg isn’t Star Trek 2. It is A Fantastic Fear of Everything, but don’t just label it as a comedy. It is a ‘psycho comedy,’ according to the trade report on the project. What does that mean? The central character, to be played by Mr. Pegg, is “a children’s author turned crime novelist whose research into the lives of Victorian serial killers turns him into a paranoid wreck, especially when a Hollywood executive decides he wants to make a film out of his findings.”

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