During 20th Century Fox’s presentation at CinemaCon this morning in Las Vegas, the studio announced that they’re licensing something called CtrlMovie, an interactive technology that gives audiences “the opportunity to interact and collaborate with a story in a brand new way, actually allowing them to choose what happens next and see the consequences of those choices play out on the big screen.” The studio is developing a Choose Your Own Adventure movie that will use that technology. Read more about it below. Read More »

Netflix Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books, where young readers would put themselves into the role of the book’s protagonist and choose what path their character followed? Well, Choose Your Own Adventure isn’t just for kids anymore. Netflix is in the process of producing their own choose-your-own-adventure programs for adults. Are you ready to get interactive with your televised entertainment?

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The Choose Your Own Adventure novels were best known for letting the reader decide how they wanted the story to unfold. Now, the three men who’ll be our decision makers when the brand hits the big screen have been revealed. Night at the Museum writers Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon will write the screenplay, while Rawson Marshall Thurber, director of We’re The Millers and Dodgeball, will be at the helm. Read More »


For young kids harboring creative dreams in the early ’80s, or ones who wanted a little bit of control in their fiction, the Choose Your Own Adventure books were pretty great. After a minor launch in the mid-’70s they went closer to mainstream a few years later, the series featured simple genre tales with branching pathways that took characters and readers to a wide variety of endpoints. (Some of those endpoints were gleefully violent, too.)

They’re kitsch relics now, but the name still commands enough interest that Fox has bought the media rights to the series that includes over 200 books for various age groups. Read More »