Chemo Brain Review

(The SXSW Film Festival may have been cancelled, but our coverage will go on with reviews of films and TV shows made available to our critics.)

All of us think we’re invincible right up until the moment life smacks us in the face and reminds us just how fragile we are. Oliver (Adam Ild Rohweder) is your average guy, living his life as any 28-year-old would. He hangs with his friends, he studies for school, and has a casual fling with the lovely Signe (Stephanie Nguyen). The two aren’t official just yet but Chemo Brain takes the time to establish that they’re seeing each other from the jump, so expect her to have some importance. 

Oliver might not have the perfect life, but he seems pretty chill with what the cards have dealt him. The one exception is that he’s been experiencing a bit of nagging back pain. Like a responsible adult, he heads to have it checked out. He had no idea that the pain in his back was actually a sign of testicular cancer.

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