George Lucas C-3PO

Before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, franchise creator George Lucas had spoken a bit about giving up the reins to the sci-fi saga, equating the situation to a break-up. Disney didn’t want to make the kind of movie that Lucas had in mind, and so the studio and the man went their own separate ways. And now we get even more from the filmmaker about what he didn’t want for Star Wars, why he doesn’t have an Oscar, and what he’s going to do next. Read More »

Charlie Rose Gone Girl

Charlie Rose is one of the few television personalities in the US that consistently does long-form interviews for artists and entertainment figures. When someone shows up on Rose’s show, you can reliably expect an in-depth conversation that will offer ideas that go much deeper than sound byte level. So having the cast and creators of Gone Girl on the show — author/screenwriter Gillian Flynn, director David Fincher, and stars Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck — is a great thing. This Charlie Rose Gone Girl talk is a half hour of in-depth conversation about the film and the personalities that created it. Read More »

Apple television

Following the Apple announcements last week, Apple head Tim Cook was interviewed by Charlie Rose. (The first hour aired last week and can be watched after the jump, the second part premieres tonight.) During the conversation, Rose brought up the often-talked about Apple television that has been in development at the Cupertino company for years. Tim Cook always knows how to phrase his answers so that they aren’t too revealing, but his response to this question might tell us something about the direction Apple is taking in developing a television.

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Connection Between Skyfall and Bond 24

When Skyfall was released, director Sam Mendes was adamant that he would not do another James Bond movie. That approach to the series changed fairly quickly, however, and Mendes was soon signed to make the follow-up, the currently-untitled Bond 24. That Bond movie should shoot later this year for a 2015 release, but we still know little about it.

Sam Mendes recently appeared on the Charlie Rose show, however. The two discussed many subjects, one of which was Bond in general, and specifically some of the ideas that led to Mendes doing another Bond. Check out the conversation, featuring talk about the connection between Skyfall and Bond 24, below. Read More »

Spend an Hour With Bill Murray on Charlie Rose

Bill Murray as FDR in Hyde Park On The Hudson

For all his public antics Bill Murray can be a reclusive personality, who doesn’t give many lengthy interviews. Murray started his career as a comedic goofball, grew into a major superstar, then dialed it back and became one of our best dramatic actors. Along the way, Murray decided he didn’t want to live life in the public eye and all but removed himself from the Hollywood system. No manager, no publicist, just a special 800 number only people like Wes Anderson have. He only does things he really wants to do. Things like his latest film, George Clooney’s The Monuments Men.

Despite the critical response, it’s obvious Murray likes the film because he’s done so much press for it. He was on Jimmy Kimmel, and The Late Show, and did a one hour sit down with Charlie Rose. That last interview is embedded below and well worth a look, as we so rarely get to hear Murray speak candidly.

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Bob Iger, the president and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company, was interviewed by Charlie Rose earlier this week. If you’re interested in the industry, or just the future of the Disney/Pixar/Marvel brands, you’ll probably want to check out this in-depth 27-minute interview.

Iger talks about the future distribution of content in this quickly evolving high tech world, what happened when Steve Jobs first showed him the iPad, entering in with a strained relationship with Pixar created by Eisner, accepting the iPod, how he was able to make the Pixar acquisition happen, the genius of Steve Jobs, where he hopes to take the Marvel brand, “not making a lot of things, but making a few things great all the time”, facing challenges with more competition for peoples time and a changing business model, the strinking home video market, how social media is changing people’s entertainment decisions, giving viewers the flexibility to watch their shows whenever/whereever, the power of ESPN, Rune Arledge, and running the institution that is Disney.

The entire video is embedded after the jump thanks to Hulu (Mike Bastoli informs me that international readers can watch the interview on
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Director Darren Aronofsky and actress Natalie Portman appeared on Charlie Rose last week to talk about their new film Black Swan. We’re still hoping to talk to Aronofsky sometime in the coming weeks, but this will hold you over for now. Anyone who reads /Film knows we love long form interviews. And while this chat is shorter than Rose’s norm (almost 25 minutes), it’s still worth checking out. I’ve embedded the interview after the jump. Fast forward to the 27:35 mark.

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