Today’s Sequel Bits is stuffed to the brim with images, quotes, tweets, and more. After the jump:

  • Would Bryan Singer ever direct a Star Trek movie?
  • Damon Lindelof explains all the secrecy about the villain
  • Seth Grahame-Smith gets cracking on Beetlejuice 2
  • Steven Seagal‘s out, Jackie Chan‘s in for Expendables 3
  • Willow and Roger Rabbit sequels offer non-updates
  • Anchorman 2 will feature Champ Kind, restauranteur
  • The Happy Madison boys goof off in Grown Ups 2 posters
  • Storm Shadow looks especially badass in new G.I. Joe pics
  • Kick-Ass 2 reveals six new high-res images and a poster

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A couple weeks ago, Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, started saying that a proposal for a film called The Stooge was on desks at Disney. The idea for the short is to do a version of  a 1952 film starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, with Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse in the lead roles.

We didn’t know at the time precisely what stage the possible short was really in. Now another Roger Rabbit participant says the project is nothing more than a rumor. Read More »